We have integrated electric vehicle (EV) charging stations into small-scale, large-scale, and standalone projects. We have designed the electrical infrastructure for a wide array of commercial chargers – Level 2 and DC Fast Chargers; pedestal- and wall-mount chargers; hardwired and NEMA 14-50; for the installation of manufacturers such as ABB, Blink, Chargepoint, InCharge, Tellus, Tesla, and Wallbox.


  • Review existing electrical one-line diagrams, electrical floor plans, and utility bills.
  • Review client requirements and needs, including future requirements from corporate or vehicle manufacturers.
  • Determine whether the existing electrical service is sufficient for current and future requirements.
  • Coordinate with electrical utility if the electrical service needs to be upgraded or if an additional electrical service is required.
  • Produce construction documents for permitting with the local authority.
    • Comply with the National Electrical Code, including Article 690.
    • Comply with EV charger manufacturer requirements.
    • Provide details such as dual charger base details to assist the electrical contractor and define their scope.