PV Projects

Gottwald House - Provided design of a 102kW PV system for a high end residence. The PV array consisted of four hundred and eight, 250 watt, solar modules. The solar modules included microinverters which allow for monitoring of the array output. The solar modules were divided into four, ground mounted, fixed arrays which allowed for more cost effective integration into the existing 2500 amp electric service switchboard.

SunTrust Parking Deck - Provided design of a 7.8kW PV system for a parking deck. The PV array included thirty, 260 watt, solar modules mounted on ten poles on top of the upper level of the parking deck. The solar modules included microinverters and the PV system was connected to the existing parking deck electric service panelboard.

Virginia Lab Supply - Provided design of an 80kW PV system for a commercial facility. The PV array consisted of two hundred ninety-eight, 270 watt, solar modules divided into eight strings. The solar modules were mounted on the roof of the structure. Four, 20kW, three phase inverters were connected to a PV collector panel prior to connection to the facility’s service disconnect.