VCU Institute for Engineering and Medicine – 2nd & 3rd Floor Laboratory Renovations

Located on the VCU Monroe Park campus, the 23,000 SF facility is a biomedical and nanoscience research laboratory. Engineers Plus provided mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection design services for the renovation to support new research scientists and their equipment. This project was constructed while parts of the laboratory were occupied and existing scanning electron microscopes were operating.

The mechanical design included the reconfiguration of the existing 100% outdoor air variable air volume HVAC systems, matched pair supply and return valves, systems and area air balancing, control system modifications and the addition of lab hoods and bio-safety cabinets.

The electrical design included reconfiguration of branch circuits to support existing and new equipment, the addition of new normal and emergency panels, lighting, fire alarm, data/phone, and security systems. The project design also included the evaluation of the existing emergency power distribution system to determine the additional capacity required for new emergency panels for research equipment, and to size a new generator.

The plumbing design included the reconfiguration of the existing laboratory gas systems (nitrogen, carbon dioxide, natural gas, compressed air and vacuum), the extension of the existing recirculation reverse osmosis (RO) water system, the expansion of the existing laboratory waste system, emergency fixtures with tempered water supply and reconfiguration of the fire protection system to match the renovation layout.