Evonik Corporation – Business and Innovation Center Revision

An existing 1985 era, two story, 93,000 SF office and laboratory building was fully renovated to meet the needs of a new client. The project included large office and meeting areas and approximately 10 full service lab rooms with fume hoods, piped gases, and large electrical infrastructure needs. Mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems were modified to meet current codes and to meet strict county guidelines. The renovation focused on functionality and budget, and altered existing installed equipment as required to provide the client with a fully functional office and lab work space with future flexibility. The design team was heavily involved during construction and worked along with the contractor to resolve field obstacles quickly, while managing time and budget constraints.

Mechanical design included new medium pressure distribution ductwork, terminal boxes, low pressure duct, supply and return devices, new fume hoods, and both new and modified lab exhaust systems. Additional phases of the project included the installation of a paint booth and make-up air system, a conditioned film coater area, precision controlled temperature and humidity rooms, and a high reactivity lab with specialty fume hoods and gas containment cabinets. Pressurization of the building was examined and modified during design to provide a net positive building while still providing protective pressurization in the laboratory areas. The HVAC controls were also modernized and updated.

The electrical design included reconfiguration of branch circuits to support existing and new lab equipment and furniture systems, the addition of normal panels, and lighting. Lighting control, fire alarm, and security systems were extensively modified and expanded. The telephone/data/AV cabling was replaced and upgraded. The project design also included the evaluation of the existing emergency power distribution system to determine the capacity available for lab equipment use.

The plumbing design included full renovation of existing restrooms, the addition of restrooms and break areas, the reconfiguration and expansion of the existing laboratory gas systems (nitrogen, natural gas, compressed air and vacuum), new reverse osmosis (RO) water systems, point of use laboratory waste system, laundry area lint interceptor, emergency fixtures with tempered water supplies, and a high reactivity lab with specialty gases and safety controls.