Governor's Mansion

Mechanical, electrical and controls upgrade of the residence portion of the Executive Mansion used to house the The Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia and their family. The project renovated the 5,000 SF second floor of the 15,000 SF historic home that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

In order to remedy existing cooling deficiencies, the project entailed the replacement of five 4-pipe air handling units, associated supply and return ductwork, as well as supply and return air devices. One system was completely relocated to allow for service and maintenance access. Ventilation air supply fans were also added. Chilled water and hot water piping was extended and modified as required.

The existing building automation panels and equipment were replaced during the project and required coordination with the control contractor.

Air infiltration and insulation deficiencies were also remedied during the project through the use of IC rated draft stop lighting covers and R-30 depth blown insulation.

Sensitive Site and Historic Project Challenges

Historic portions of the project utilized existing ceiling openings in order to preserve existing finishes. Tight confines of the existing attic structure necessitated creative duct routing and equipment locations.

The phased project was completed while the mansion was occupied and around the first family’s busy schedule.